5 Small, Calm Dog Breeds That Like To Keep It Mellow

When you’re a city-dweller living in an apartment, finding the right pup for you can be a challenge. There are plenty of small dogs out there, but their energy levels might be too high to confine in a small home with all of your valuable, breakable stuff.

And with no wide-open backyard to roam free, you might be looking for a pooch who doesn’t need you to spend half of your day going for walks. The pups on this list might be the solution to your tragically dog-less situation. Check the shelters or rescues near you for the breed you want. Adopt! Don’t shop!

Here are five small, calm dog breeds perfect for apartment living or for those of us who lead a less energetic lifestyle.

Do you have a perfect apartment dog? What calm little breeds should be added to this list? Let us know in the comments below!