Top 10 Dog Breeds That Live A Really Long Time

The main subject is a Yorkshire Terrier being held by his owner, in the blurred background we can distinguish the river and bridge “Vasco da Gama” in Lisbon - Portugal.

(Picture Credit: Joao Simoes/Getty Images)

Our dogs are never with us for long enough. If we had it our way, they’d be lifelong companions. But there are some breeds that tend to stick around a bit longer than the rest. In fact, in dog years, they may pass up your age pretty quickly.

There are also plenty of mixed breed dogs that have lots of years of life to share with us, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have one of the breeds on this list in your pup’s ancestry.

Here are ten of the dog breeds that live the longest.

Has your dog lived to a ripe old age? Did their breed make it onto our list? Let us know in the comments below!