Baboons Kidnap And Raise Wild Dogs As Pets [VIDEO]

(Phot Credit: Animals Like Us Documentary)


I’m going to be honest, this video starts off disturbing. They show how male baboons kidnap puppies. The baboon in the video drags a puppy across rocks and is very rough with him, even sitting on him. It’s hard to watch, but it is life in the wild animal world. Starting at 1:50 into the video will take you directly to the part where you get to see the baboons living with and caring for their new pet dogs which they treat as family members and use for protection. The kidnapping portion is upsetting to a lot of people.

The video is from a documentary “Animals Like Us“. Kidnapped pups grow up with the baboon family, feeding with them, migrating with them and sleeping with them. The baboons groom and play with the dogs which shows that they are accepted as family members since the baboons only groom family members. The dogs protect the baboons from other wild dogs and guard them at night while they sleep.

UPDATE: Some people on Facebook responded negatively when we posted this with the full video inside it. It’s upsetting to watch the Baboon kidnap the puppy and hear the puppy crying but before you judge the Baboon, remember that we see humans doing worse every day in the news. One reader said we should shoot the Baboon for handling the puppy that way. It’s hard to watch, but it is life, and the Baboon doesn’t know any better, humans do. A lot of our work with rescuing dogs is not pretty, or nice at all. It’s disgusting, disturbing and emotionally scarring. What’s amazing is that there is another primate “domesticating” dogs for companionship and protection. That’s pretty amazing and awesome if you ask me.