Smile Power Day: Dogs Whose Smiles Will Make You Smile

June 15th is National Smile Power day. It’s not easy to smile when you don’t have lips like a human, and these pups have varying degrees of success at it. But even their attempts are guaranteed to make your lips wiggle into a giant grin. So get your smile power going with these happy pooches. Be sure to share that upside-down frown with the furry friend in your life!

1. Rupert’s Puppy Love

(Photo Credit: Imgur)

This puppy has a wide, open-mouthed grin that could warm Voldemort’s cold, dark wizard heart. Rupert’s big tongue, floppy ears, and puppy wrinkles make you just want to pick him up and give him a squeeze. That’s an infectious smile, and we’re coming down with a case of whatever he’s got.

2. Kaiser Tries Hard

This handsome German Shepherd gives his best effort at a smile, and he definitely shows off his pearly whites. His goofy attempt is still enough to make us bare our teeth, too. The look on his face seems to say, “Am I doing it? I’m doing it, right?” You sure are, buddy.

3. Olive On Cue

Olive the Labrador can smile on command, and she’s even got the cutest dimples worthy of a big cheek squeeze. It’s a great trick for the camera, and she even gives a little tail wag at the end of the video as if to say, “Pretty cool, huh? Now you smile.” We’re smiling with you, Olive.

4. Smiling Samoyed

(Photo Credit: Imgur)

This fluff ball of a puppy has one of the best smiles we’ve ever seen. As soon as he spots the camera, he turns his head, opens wide, and sticks out his adorable little tongue. Samoyeds are known for their smiles, but this pup had us making noises that we’re not proud of.

5. Pluto And Me

(Photo Credit: Imgur)

A trip to Disneyland would make anyone smile. And when this pup meets a celebrity of the dog world, Pluto, he puts on a happy face for the camera. He’s looking very handsome with his bandanna, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Disney decided to give him his own movie with such a winning smile.

6. Cal Shows His Choppers

Cal tries to smile, but nothing seems good enough for the humans laughing in the background. He grins again and again on command. His last smile is extra big, as if to say, “There. Are you happy now?” Well he sure made us happy with his adorable attempt.

7. Boo And His Buddy, Buddy

(Photo Credit: Facebook)

Boo’s smile is well-known on Facebook with over 17 million likes on his page. His smile brings joy to lots of people, and his best doggy friend, Buddy, is joining him in this picture for a double dose of cute doggy grins. They look like the softest pups in the world, and their smiles are just begging for pets.

8. Great Grinning Gatsby

There had to be a Corgi on the list somewhere. Gatsby is about as adorable as they come, running around and knocking over cameras, all with a big, goofy, Corgi smile. He’s even smiling for bath time! The only time he’s not smiling is when he’s relaxing on an exercise ball. Being a puppy is exhausting.

9. Phoebes And Her Little Human

This fluffy pup and her human child love to play games that make each other smile. They share grins as they play copycat, lying down next to each other and laughing for the camera. They give each other knowing glances like only best friends can and remind us to share some laughs with our own best friends.

10. Macki And Scamp, My Best Buds

(Photo Credit: DogTime blogger Mike Clark)

Speaking of best friends, these are two of my pups, Macki and Scamp. Macki loves to stick his tongue out when he’s smiling and getting a belly rub. Scamp is going to be sixteen years old soon, but he still smiles like a puppy, especially when he has a sunny spot by the lake to lie down. These guys make me smile whenever I’m with them, and I hope they make you smile, too.

Happy Smile Power Day!

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