Two Rescue Dogs Who Saved Their Human’s Lives

Some say that dogs are the only people who love us more than they love themselves. Here are two stories that prove it. Two rescued dogs who were able to reciprocate the gesture back to the humans who saved them.

John Boy Went For Help

John Boy saved the day. (Photo Credit: YouTube Video)

Officer Jeff Gonzalez was on patrol in the early morning hours when he noticed a Black Lab on the streets in Germantown, Wisconsin. The unattended dog with a collar and tags caught his attention in the 3 degree weather and he wanted to help the lost dog. Officer Gonzalez rolled down his window and approached the dog in his car. The dog was barking and wagging his tail, so he got out of his car and cautiously approached the canine on foot. The dog seemed friendly, but had peculiar body language. The Black Lab seemed to be willing the officer to follow, so Officer Gonzalez did just that.

The canine led Officer Gonzalez to his owner who was slumped over in a chair on her front porch, unresponsive.

Gonzalez reported that she was cold to the touch and her lips were blue, but he quickly determined that she did have a pulse and wasted no time getting her out of the cold and called for an ambulance.

John Boy, the beautiful Black Lab, had been adopted and returned three times before finding his forever home with Krystal Lauer. Krystal’s family is grateful to Officer Gonzalez and John Boy. Without their combined efforts a beloved family member might not be alive today.

Dogs are smart and intuitive and even if they don’t speak our language, many understand it.

Buddy Gets Help

An adopted German Shepherd named Buddy, was home with his family when a fire broke out. 911 was called and vehicles dispatched, but the area was rural and the cold Alaska air caused the State Troopers navigational system to freeze up. With the dark sky and no navigation it was impossible to pinpoint the exact location. He was lost and about to continue down another dead end road when something caught his attention. A dog in the middle of nowhere seemed to be beckoning the Trooper to follow. He went with his gut instinct and followed the canine.

Buddy showing the officer the way to his home. (Photo Credit: YouTube Video)

A short while earlier Bill Heindrichs was working in his shed when a spark hit some gasoline and ignited a fire. He and the dog escaped the fire and started running. Bill was badly burned and told his dog Buddy “we need to get help” and with that the dog took off on a mission.

A few times the Trooper considered the possibility that he might be wasting precious time chasing a wandering dog, but any time he hesitated and slowed the vehicle the canine would glance over his shoulder. The Trooper felt the dog’s body language had a sense of urgency and was telling him to speed up!

You can watch as it is recorded on the State Troopers dashcam. Buddy was running up and down the streets seeking help. The State Trooper saw him and followed. Buddy, while not losing a minute of time looks over his shoulder to ensure he is being followed and that help is on it’s way to the family home.

State Trooper Terrence Shanigan reported that when he got out of his car the canine greeted him and nudged him toward the burning home.

These are just two touching stories of dogs willing to do anything to save the people they love. Things like this happen more often than you’d think.