Long Live The Dogs We Love

Dogs deserve a second chance! (Photo Credit: LongLivePets.com)

Nature’s Variety Instinct and Best Friends Animal Society teamed up and collaborated with thousands of people who have rescued and adopted dogs to create this amazingly beautiful tribute to the dogs we love. Dogs, once abandoned and forgotten, given a new life by the loving dedication of shelter workers, volunteers, rescue workers, foster and adoptive parents. People who love dogs so much that they are willing to spend their money and time, often put their own safety at risk to help animals.

Every one of the thousands of dogs you are about to see in the next 2 minutes was discarded by one person and is now being cherished by another.

You can find out more about the dogs in the video by visiting: longlivepets.com

Every dog in this film was given a second chance and millions more are still waiting for theirs. Please share this video to help inspire others to adopt!

Every dog deserves their own bed. (Photo Credit: LongLivePets.com)

Post links to pics of your rescue pups in the comments below! I hope your sweet babies live long, joyous lives, full of belly rubs, rubber balls, and delicious treats!

Here are my rescue pups: Betsy, Tacos, Molly and my foster dog Gertie!

Molly, Tacos, Betsy & Gertie! (Photo Credit: C.J. Arabia)