Thor: Dog Rescued From Trash Cave [VIDEO]

When rescuers Eldad and Lisa first showed up at the mountain of trash they couldn’t figure out where the dog actually was. It was a huge mountain of trash.

But way up, near the top, in a tiny cave made of trash was Thor. A beautiful white pitbull who had made his home in this heap of junk.

Thor had found a small hole where he could hide and observe what was going on around him.

The good folks at Waste Management here in Los Angeles gave rescuers protective gear so that they could go up and get Thor out of this dangerous place he had turned into his home.

Thor ran away in fear. He was trying to escape but he found himself cornered. Full of fear, things got tense to say the least. Two volunteers helped to block his escape. Do NOT try this at home. Cornering a dog like this is extremely dangerous, but Eldad and Lisa are experts. They were afraid but they didn’t let that stop them from getting this dog the help he so desperately needed.

After about 10 – 15 minutes Thor calmed down enough for them to slip a leash around his neck.

Once Thor realized that these humans were not there to hurt him, he relaxed. The trash pile that he had called home was loud, noisy and stressful. He must have been exhausted from the whole ordeal because he fell asleep.

Turns out Thor was a lover, not a fighter.

Thor got a bath, he was covered in fleas and ticks. He’s getting neutered and is going to be available for adoption through both Hope for Paws AND LA Animal Rescue in Los Angeles. Please share his post so that he can find the amazing forever home that every dog deserves.

Thanks to Eldad, Lisa Hope For Paws for their tireless work in rescuing the dogs that most people wouldn’t even consider approaching.

All images via Eldad Hagar Flickr.