The Story Of Pazzo: Help Find This Dog Abuser

Horrifying story of abuse. (Photo Credit: Stray Dog Rescue)


The team at Stray Rescue of St. Louis has seen some terrible instances of abuse on the animals they’re dedicated to saving, but the gruesome sight that greeted them last week was especially horrific. As sometimes happen, the Rescue was called out by the U.S. Marshalls who were responding to a report of a chained dog owned by a felon criminal. In the course of the conversation, they also informed Stray Rescue about another injured dog nearby.

That 2 year-old Border Collie mix named Pazzo was in shockingly bad condition when the rescue group arrived, and in great pain. A rope had been purposely knotted at the back of his waist and genitals, tied so tightly that infection had already set in, and Pazzo was dying – a slow, excruciatingly painful death with that rope deeply embedded in his waist.

The cord was so tightly tied that it had cut into the penis shield and severed it in half. Rescuers fought back tears as they raced Pazzo to their trauma center where he was immediately taken into surgery.

The object of torture. (Photo Credit: Stray Dog Rescue)

That initial surgery removed the rope and successfully sutured his waist back together, and addressed his most critical wounds, but it’s likely Pazzo will require at least two more extensive reconstructive surgeries. Doctors also began immediately dealing with Pazzo’s other problems, among them: fighting the severe infection and treating his heartworm disease.

Pictures of the wound are graphic, and will be disturbing to many. But it is necessary to see it in order to understand the depth of depravity of the abuser, and to fully grasp the extent of the ordeal this innocent victim lived through. Thanks to a caring rescue team and dedicated medical professionals, Pazzo has a new chance for a better life.

Prayers for Pazzo. (Photo Credit: Stray Dog Rescue)

He’s started on the very long road to recovery this week, able to go for short walks and still trusting of humans even after all he has had to endure. This sweet, gentle canine will be available for adoption when his difficult recovery and additional medical treatments are completed.

Meanwhile, law enforcement and Stray Rescue are hoping someone will cash in on the reward being offered and call in with information that will help them find Pazzo’s abuser. The crime was discovered on March 27, 2015 and took place in the Baden neighborhood of North St. Louis.

Tips can be phoned in to Stray Rescue at (314) 771-6121 extension 255.

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