Tess: from burned and abandoned to ready for a home

Tess, a blue-nosed pocket Pit Bull

Covered in third degree chemical burns, Tess sat alone in a stark kennel at a municipal shelter in the Southern California desert. She was frightened, and in unceasing pain, but she wagged her tail when visitors passed and offered the softest eyes you ever saw.

Affectionate and friendly

Lesley Brog, founder of Wags and Walks Rescue, took one look and decided this dog should never know such misery again. The organization gained custody of Tess and brought her straight to the doctor. They arranged for immediate foster care and began raising money for her ongoing medical treatment. As her body began healing, plans were made to have her spayed — until it was discovered she was pregnant.

Tess nursing

Despite the stress and abuse she’d endured, Tess gave birth to three healthy puppies, all of whom have now found homes of their own. Now, it’s Tess’s turn. If ever a dog deserved the love and attention of a devoted family, it is this sweet, affectionate, 40-pound pocket Pit Bull whose scars are beginning to fade.

If you can provide a home for Tess or would like to contribute to her veterinary care expenses, please contact Wags and Walks.

Tess: dressed and ready to go home