Personality vs. looks: can you really find both?

I admit, I’m attracted to looks. So it’s a struggle sometimes to write about my favorite dogs at the shelter without sounding like I’m attending a beauty pageant. With Cali, it’s especially difficult — she’s just so dang gorgeous.

The bigger problem is that she’s not the only one. There’s Jojo — another Total My Type — big and blocky-headed and with what appears to be eyes rimmed with liner. I’ve written about that heartbreaker before.

Jojo play bows (all photos: Daniel McPartlan)

And then there’s Mint Julep. I didn’t name her but it so fits: She’s sweet and delicious and reminds me of mint chip ice cream from childhood. Not the artificially colored green varieties, but the really good black-and-white stuff.

Three beauties. I’ve posted photos, so you see what I mean. But Reader, I know you’re not just looking for leash-candy. What about their personalities? you ask. Who are they on the inside? Are they friendly with humans and dogs? Are they well mannered? Expressive? Full of life?

Cali belly laughs

I could tell you that the answer is yes. (But then, I could tell you anything.) My friend Kiem shows you the answer is yes — and her video is a keeper. Not just because it features typical loving Pits enjoying play group, but because you can claim you adopted one of these stunning specimens based on personality:

As if.

Pit Bulls at play!

Interested in Cali, Jojo, or Julep? Contact Berkeley Animal Care Services.