Cup o’ delicious Pittie, comin’ up

Pit Bull Chloe with perma-smile

Based on fur color alone, you’d think she’d have gotten adopted ages ago. That dreamy, creamy Café au lait coat says, if not drink me, then at least pour me on, I’ll keep you warm. Ahh… cozy Chloe. As usual, she’s all smiles and happy squirms today as I approach her kennel — half dog, half Jell-o. Or as we say in the business: Wigglepuss.

Chloe’s close-up

Not to put lipstick on a Pit Bull. It’s probably been a few semesters (and a few litters) since four-year-old Chloe displayed peak physical form. But there’s no arguing she’s still striking looking. And sounding. Like other animals you don’t put lipstick on, Chloe snorts excitedly whenever she’s amused (which is much of the time). This dog is exuberant.

How it is she’s been at the shelter for months, I can’t figure out. She’s so people-oriented, so snuggly and full of life. And because she’s known Berkeley Animal Care Services longer than I have, it’ll be bittersweet to see her go. For her sake, I hope that perfect family shows up today. And for my sake, I hope there’s Kleenex around if I’m there to witness it.

Pretty in purple

Interested in providing a loving home for Chloe? Contact Berkeley Animal Care Services.