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Elton is available for adoption through Animal House.

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How did your organization get started?

Animal House was started when two dear friends realized the need to do more for homeless pets in our country. After many years of fostering and rescue work with other organizations they decided to do more.

What is your mission?

Opened in March 2007, Animal House is a supportive resource for over 25 open-admission shelters both statewide and nationally. Partnering with over-populated and under-served shelters, we provide relief in decreasing the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals.

Our life-saving program provides a valuable service both to shelter animals and our community: helping our shelter partners decreases euthanasia of healthy adoptable pets.

At Animal House, we give homeless animals what they need the most — the time to find their forever homes.

How do most of your animals find their way to you?

Transfers from other shelters.

What happens to the animals once they are in your care?

Since opening it’s doors in March 2007, to date Animal House has placed over 2400 dogs in loving homes. On any given day, Animal House cares for over 45 dogs that would have otherwise been euthanized for space, illness, age or many other reasons. We have the capacity to house 30 dogs in the shelter and typically have anywhere from 15-30 additional dogs in our foster care program.

Animal House is not a typical shelter. Our dogs spend their days enjoying play groups of 2-5 dogs. They are matched depending on age, size and activity level. We have 8 runs inside the facility. The dogs also enjoy a minimum of 6 rotations outside to our play yards every day. This not only gives them time to relieve themselves but also allows for some time to soak up the sun. In addition to their outdoor playtime each dog is also walked a minimum of once a day (oftentimes many go on 2 walks a day as we are striving to meet this goal of 2 walks a day).

Upon entry to Animal House, each dog is evaluated by our fantastic staff. Our evaluation of them is ongoing as their needs may change throughout their stay. One of the many programs that has evolved over the years is our enrichment program. Our enrichment coordinator works hand in hand with our shelter manager, foster care coordinator, and staff to make sure that all of the dogs needs are being met.

We are fortunate to be able to send dogs to doggie daycare, foster care or enroll them into our Canine Coaches program to make sure their needs are met while in our care. Canine Coaches is a group of 10 experienced volunteers, our enrichment coordinator and our local trainer. These volunteers provide additional care to our dogs that the 50+ dog walking volunteers are not trained to do. These activities range from outings, agility, advanced obedience, and behavior modification.

We have an extensive group of foster homes. All of our puppies go into foster homes. We also typically place seniors and other special needs dogs in foster homes. Our foster homes also work with our staff and trainer to address any needs in foster care.

Inspired by the work of Animal House? Consider making a donation to their organization.

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