Can Dogs Eat Catnip? Is Catnip Safe For Dogs?

Woman hold in her hands a mortar of Catnip or Nepeta cataria herbs. Blossoming catmint flowers on background.

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Can dogs eat catnip? While you might have heard that cats go wild for catnip, have you ever wondered if dogs can also enjoy it? Is catnip safe for dogs?

The short answer is yes, dogs can eat catnip. In fact, you might be pleased to know that catnip can help dogs who suffer from bouts of anxiety or periods of restlessness.

Here’s what you need to know about catnip and dogs.

How Is Catnip Good For Dogs?

Catnip is a plant that is both safe for dogs and can confer a number of health benefits. It’s packed with good amounts of the vitamins C and E, along with a useful level of magnesium.

When it comes to the effect of catnip on dogs, vets may recommend it as a good way to calm and relax a dog suffering from anxiety or nervousness. Catnip is a natural sedative. It’s actually available as a tea for human consumption to help people feel more relaxed.

Catnip can also help dogs who suffer from stomach issues, car or motion sickness, and sleep problems. In some cases, it can even help deter fleas and mosquitos!

How Can I Safely Give Catnip To My Dog?

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If you’re looking to use catnip as a way to calm or relax your dog — perhaps before a trip to the vet or on a night where there might be fireworks — it’s best to serve your dog some catnip around half an hour before the event takes place.

Catnip comes in a number of forms, including dried, fresh, and in various gels.

If you’re looking to use dried catnip, you can try adding some directly to your dog’s usual meals or snacks. For fresh catnip, you can see if your dog shows an interest in eating the leaves directly, or you could try adding some to your canine’s water bowl.

While catnip is safe for dogs and can have a number of beneficial uses, just remember to only use it as a snack or treat and not a daily supplement. If you plan to use it to help your dog out with a medical or behavioral issue, always consult with your veterinarian before serving it on a regular basis.

Has your dog ever snacked on catnip? Did it help them feel more calm and relaxed? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!