Dog Toothbrushes

Dental health in dogs, as in humans, plays a big role in health overall. Left unchecked, bacteria leads to gum disease which can lead to heart, lung, and kidney disease, not to mention tooth loss and bad breath. So although it may seem silly, brushing your dog’s teeth is important.

Picking the right brush is important too, since it’s the brushing action–not the toothpaste–that makes the big difference. Toothpaste without brushing will only get you improved breath (the benefits of which are not to be denied) but a brush with no toothpaste will get you cleaner teeth and healthier gums. Put them together and your dog will have fresher breath and a healthier body, and–thanks to more time in between professional cleanings at the vet–you’ll have a fuller wallet.

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–Phyllis DeGioia