Communicate with animals


What is animal communication?


Animal communication is the art of speaking to animals intuitively, otherwise known as telepathic communication. As an animal communicator, my role is to act as a “translator” or “mediator” to help both you and your animal gain a deeper understanding of one another.

The term “animal communicator” is known as many other terms as well: pet psychic, animal psychic, animal intuitive, pet communicator, animal wellness specialist, horse whisperer, pet medium, dr dolittle, animal reader, pet speaker, interspecies telepathic communicator, pet wellness specialist…

Whatever term you use, an animal communicator is used to find out what your animal is thinking and feeling. It gives you a rare opportunity to ask your pets what you’ve always wanted to know.

A consult can be scheduled to check in with your animal, making sure that they are happy and asking questions about their lifestyle preferences (for example, food, activities, environment). You can also arrange a consult to help you gain insight into all kinds of animal issues including: