Cooper May Be The Smartest Shih Tzu In The World

Have you heard of a Shih Tzu that can count, identify colors and likes puzzles? Now there is one that can do that and more. His name is Cooper, and at just three months old, he could stick his tongue out on command.

Owner Kristy Forrester, signed him up for puppy training school and his teachers were so impressed they asked if they could take a video to send to their friends. They had never seen a puppy with such a high aptitude for learning.

Cooper’s mom told British Telecommunications that Cooper would put treats in her shoes, so she trained him to put his toys into a box. She then wondered what else he could do.

She bought him a shape sorter from the Early Learning Center and gave him two shapes. He had it mastered within two days. Now he is able to identify six different shapes.

She also bought a colored donut ring stack. As soon as he slips the correct donut on the stack, he stops and looks to see if he is going to get a treat.

He can identify written numbers. Cooper is given a number verbally and will sit on the corresponding number on a tile.

This is one pup that likes both mental as well as physical exercises. He likes to play basketball and can also play fetch with himself.

Shih Tzu’s are known for being super cute lap dogs, but they are also actually quite intelligent. The breed is also known for being temperamental and stubborn, so getting one to perform tricks is pretty impressive. Trust me, I’m a Shih Tzu owner and lover.

Cooper has been called a doggie genius by experts and his skillset is estimated to be that of an eighteen month old child. Cooper has been signed to a talent agency. And has his own YouTube channel, Facebook page and Instagram account.

(Photo Credit: Cooper’s Facebook Page)

A little more Shih Tzu trivia.

Shih Tzu’s are an ancient canine breed and through DNA testing believed to be closely related to wolves. Though I have never seen a wolf that looks anything like a Shih Tzu and I can’t imagine a pack of Shih Tzus taking down a full grown Elk.

Shih Tzu’s origins are widely debated. Many Shih Tzu books list them as coming China. While another popular belief is that they originated in Tibet but were developed in China to be royal lap dogs. While their exact history is not known, images resembling the Shih Tzu are found in paintings and tapestries dating back over 2000 years.

The breed was so prized by royals in China that for a long time the emperor refused to sell, trade or give them away.

Shih Tzu’s were finally brought to the U.S. by American soldiers after WWII, and accepted as a breed by the American Kennel Club in 1969.

Shih Tzu’s are Hypoallergenic.

If you are considering adding a Shih Tzu to your family it’s important to consider their maintenance and care.

Shih Tzu’s do not shed, however, their fur requires regular brushing to avoid matting.

They also require professional grooming every few months. For a Shih Tzu to have a decent quality of life, regular grooming and maintenance is vital.

Buddha was said to always travel with a companion pup that resembled a small lion. One day, while walking through a forest, Buddha was ascended upon by robbers. His little dog transformed into a mighty lion and scared away the villains. Buddha picked up his loyal canine and kissed him on the forehead. Most Shih Tzu’s Have small white patch above their eyes, this is said to be a lasting imprint from Buddha’s kiss.

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