Online Dog Safety Course Saves Lives

“Would you know what to do if your dog was choking? What if he was hit by a car or collapsed on a walk? What you do, or don’t do in the time it takes you to reach the vet can make the difference between life and death for your dog.”

These questions posed by dog safety expert Melanie Monteiro resonate with anyone who loves and cares for a pet. Monteiro believes that knowing what to do in an emergency when every second counts will make people better guardians, and is critical information for dedicated dog parents, as well as pet professionals such as dog sitters and walkers, trainers, and rescue volunteers. Just like so many of us have taken the time to learn human CPR and safety, it’s important for pet owners and caretakers to understand how dog CPR works so they can be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Because she understands that as a private dog safety instructor she can only help a limited number of people, Melanie has launched an online course to give more dog pros and caring owners access to vital training. Find out more this informative online course HERE.

The video-based course has already been endorsed by top vets and is modeled after the dog safety workshops that she teaches in person. It includes hands-on practice exercises and downloadable handouts containing links, apps and product recommendations to the best safety resources available.

It provides a lot of useful information in 3 hours of video demonstration and covers dozens of important safety topics. The course is available on IOS and Android, and suitable for all levels of skill. Whether you want to know how to perform pet CPR, learn more about life-saving first aid when a dog is choking, or how to handle encounters with aggressive dogs when you’re out walking, this course has you covered. You’ll also get information on creating a dog-safe home and outdoor environment and learn the extra precautions needed for puppies.

The $50 course is divided into concise, single-topic lessons so that you can learn at your own pace and convenience. It also makes a great gift for the dog lover in your life or someone who has newly adopted a dog.

Melanie Monteiro is rightfully recognized as a dog safety expert. She is a certified pet first aid instructor and the author of the vet-endorsed book The Safe Dog Handbook. Her videos and workshops are widely praised for teaching life-saving skills to pet-parents as well as providing information that can help prevent or prepare people for common pet mishaps. Endorsed by top veterinarians and celebrity animal advocates including Ellen DeGeneres, Melanie consults with a wide clientele including humane organizations and canine professionals.


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