Stop feeding puppy food?


(Photo Credit: Shutterstock)


At what age is it appropriate to stop feeding my dog puppy food and do I need to phase it out gradually?


In general most, most dogs mature into adults at about one year of age. Large and giant breeds puppies initially grow more slowly and are considered adults by 18-24 months of age. Wean your puppy gradually over a period of two to three weeks onto her new diet. Dogs of all ages need a balanced, high quality, natural diet that agrees with them no matter how old they are.

Instead of focusing on a puppy, adult, or senior diet as dictated by the pet food industry, I recommend feeding your dogs a high-quality, balanced and natural, organic or homemade diet–regardless of age. Provide them with the extra nutrients they need in the form of a good vitamin-mineral supplement, which offers longevity and wellness benefits for your dog that last a lifetime.