8 Of The Healthiest Fruits And Vegetables You Can Share With Your Dog

Mature woman in her garden with a table full of garden fruits and vegetables.

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Many fruits and vegetables can make excellent, healthy treats for your dog. They’re full of vitamins and minerals, and they cost less and are healthier than processed dog treats.

Some human foods are toxic to dogs, so make sure you know what should be avoided. But dogs eat fruits and vegetables to supplement their diet even in the wild, and your dog can do the same.

It’s always a good idea to check with your veterinarian before you change your dog’s diet. Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM recommends that you only give your dog five percent fruit in their diet either an hour before or three hours after a protein meal, and vegetables should make up about 25 percent of your dog’s diet.

The following fruits and veggies top the list of healthiest treats you can share with your dog.

What other healthy fruits and veggies do you feed your dog? Which are your pup’s favorites? Let us know in the comments below!