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    The Dog Days Of Summer: What And When Are They?

    The dog days of summer are usually the hottest days of the year, but you may be wondering why we refer to them as the “dog days” and when they happen. What do our beloved canine companions have to do with the warm weather?

    by Mike Clark
    21 Hours Ago

    30 Patriotic Dogs Celebrating The 4th Of July [PICTURES]

    The 4th of July is a time for the people of America to come together and celebrate their Independence Day. But our dogs want to get in on the fun sometimes, too. These dogs are happy to have some summer fun and enjoy the holiday with their best friends.

    by Mike Clark
    21 Hours Ago

    Melatonin For Dogs: Uses, Dosage, & Side Effects

    Melatonin for dogs is a sedative hormonal supplement that is used to treat many kinds of anxiety, hyperactivity, restlessness, and other conditions. It is generally considered to be safe for dogs with a vet’s recommendation. Here’s what you should know.

    by Mike Clark
    June 29th

    Benadryl For Dogs: Dosage, Uses, And Side Effects

    Benadryl can treat dogs who suffer from allergies if proper dosage guidelines are followed. Some pet parents also give it to their dogs as a sedative and to reduce noise anxiety from fireworks or thunderstorms. Here’s what you should know.

    by Mike Clark
    June 24th

    Sunscreen For Dogs: Everything You Need To Know

    Sometimes we forget that our pups can get sunburns, just like us, and that can lead to skin damage, secondary infections, and skin cancer. A fur coat isn’t always enough protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Here’s what you should know about using sunscreen on your dog.

    by Mike Clark
    June 23rd

    National Dog Party Day: Tips To Make Your Dog Party A Barking Blast

    National Dog Party Day is celebrated on June 21st, and it’s a fun holiday for dogs to let loose and enjoy the company of other canines. If you’ve never thrown a dog party before, this is a good day to give it a chance. Dog parties can be as elaborate or as laid-back as you and your pup want them to be.

    by Mike Clark
    June 18th

    Top 10 Dog Breeds That Live A Really Long Time

    Our dogs are never with us for long enough. But there are some breeds that tend to stick around a bit longer than the rest. In fact, in dog years, they may pass up your age pretty quickly. Here are ten of the dog breeds that live the longest.

    by Mike Clark
    June 15th

    8 Natural Remedies For Dogs With Seasonal Allergies

    If your dog suffers seasonal allergies and you want to use natural remedies instead of steroids or medications, there are several options available that can help your pup. Here are eight natural remedies for dogs that can help fight symptoms of seasonal allergies.

    by Mike Clark
    June 12th

    Pica In Dogs: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments

    Pica in dogs is a condition where the animal feels compelled to eat objects that are not food items. These can include metal, plastic, cloth, garbage, dirt, rocks, paper, or even feces. Here’s what you should know.

    by Mike Clark
    June 10th
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