Woman Writes “Free” On Puppy In Permanent Marker And Abandons Her In The Park

(Picture Credit: http://rosscountyhumanesociety.org/)

Brittany May of the Ross County Human Society has seen it all but when a this puppy was dumped at a park with the words “FREE” & “TO GOOD HOME ONLY” written on her in permanent marker, she was disturbed to say the least. The puppy had been left in a crate in a park. Brittany shared the images on Facebook with this message:

“So I usually try to contain my self with my work life and with what I see every single day, but this just tops it off! How are you going to dump your dog, and write FREE all over it in permanent marker! I just don’t get it! Anybody know this dog? Found dumped at the armory down in the park!

This is a whole new level of LOW!


is our website if anyone is interested in applying for this sweet girl*”

(Picture Credit: http://rosscountyhumanesociety.org/)

(Picture Credit: http://rosscountyhumanesociety.org/)

(Picture Credit: http://rosscountyhumanesociety.org/)

Thank God there’s an UPDATE:

Marvella has been adopted by a wonderful local family. We appreciate the outpouring of support. We had no idea that this post would reach so many and encourage those of you who were invested in her story to visit and support your local shelters. While this certainly isn’t the worst case we’ve ever seen and are thankful that marvella was otherwise healthy we hope that this serves as a reminder that there are always other options before adandonment. Marvella’s story is a happy one but thousands of other dogs across the county don’t have such a happy ending. Any further comments or questions should be directed to [email protected]


Jenn Thomas

Ross County Humane Society

But now the woman who did this heinous act, Kendra Stafford, is defending her actions and says she had “good intentions”. She told WGN9 Morning News:

“I went to my car to go find a piece of tape, could find a piece of tape,” she said. “Got out a permanent marker that wasn’t supposed to be used on my dog. And I wrote on her, ‘free’ and ‘good home only.'”

She doesn’t seem to show any regret or remorse and still seems to think it was the right thing to do. She now faces charges of cruelty to animals, abandoning animals, and failure to license a dog.