Deformed Dog Severely Neglected And Unloved By Family After Family Until…

Meet Lucky the dog.

(Picture Credit: Instagram beauxtoxrescues)

Sadly Lucky was not so lucky.

He was born deformed at a puppy mill and all his life nobody has wanted him. He lived tied to a tree for long periods and was given away free, handed off from one person to another, ending up in shelter after shelter where he was the least popular dog on the cell block. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to hear stories like this but it happens all the time. The pretty, fluffy dogs go fast and the older or less attractive dogs may never make it out alive. Just heartbreaking.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Lucky.

He’s a perfectly happy, lovable dog who just doesn’t look as “pretty” as all the rest and for that reason alone people treated him badly and gave him away like old shoes you donate to the Goodwill. For a dog who just wants to love and be loved, it’s a heartbreaking experience to go through.

(Picture Credit: Instagram beauxtoxrescues)

After being abandoned at the shelter yet again rescuers decided to get him groomed and post some pictures on social media and that changed everything.

(Picture Credit: Instagram beauxtoxrescues)

At this point Lucky’s neglect led to several medical issues… he suffered severe malnourishment, fleas and he had contracted heartworm.

(Picture Credit: Instagram beauxtoxrescues)

He needed medical attention.

A woman named Jamie saw his photos and wanted to take Lucky and give him the love that he deserved.

(Picture Credit: Instagram beauxtoxrescues)

She didn’t care about his medical problems or how his face looked. She just wanted to love him and make the rest of his life wonderful and that’s exactly what she’s done. It’s cost a lot of money but she doesn’t care. She jokes that he’s the reason she can’t afford Botox. Sounds like he has an amazing mama now.

(Picture Credit: Instagram beauxtoxrescues)

Lucky is now named Beaux Tox and you can follow him on Instagram.

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