Celebrities Join Shock Campaign Against Dog Killings In Asia [VIDEO]

Several A-list celebrities including Matt Damon, Joaquin Phoenix, and several others have joined forces to release a video on the killings of dogs in China and other Asian countries.

In an attempt to halt the annual Dog Meat Festival in the Chinese city of Yulin, the celebrities called for an end to the event and animal cruelty.

In previous years some 10,000 dogs have been slaughtered during the 10-day festival.

The tradition of eating dog meat dates back four or five hundred years in China, South Korea and other Asian countries.

Critics of the Yulin festival say it is unacceptable that the dogs are caged and sometimes skinned alive. Some practitioners believe the meat tastes better if the animal is slaughtered when distressed.

The campaign is run by the NGO Animal Hope & Wellness under the hashtag #CompassionProject

Stop the stabbing, the hanging, the boiling of live dogs. Stop the torture. Please share this video to raise awareness and to stop this brutal and barbaric practice.