Dog Takes Literal Bite Out Of Crime As Robber Flees Through Backyard

Diesel is a sweet mutt–a mix of big, strong, loyal breeds–but he’s a gentle soul who normally wouldn’t hurt anybody. In fact, in the three years he’s been alive, he’s never bitten anyone. At least, until a robber took off through his backyard in Pennsylvania.

Diesel’s owner, Tim Luckenbaugh, took the pup outside one night, but on their way back in, a man ran past them through the backyard. Diesel must have sensed something was wrong and acted on instinct to protect his home and his owner. He took off after the man and latched onto his arm.

It turns out that the man had robbed a Dollar General store and was fleeing through the yard. The man managed to keep moving with the 100-pound Diesel still on his arm, slowing him down. Luckenbaugh managed to catch up to the man as he was getting in a getaway car in the driveway. When Luckenbaugh confronted him, the man pulled a gun. Luckenbaugh knocked it out of his hands and later found that the gun was fake. The man managed to drive off, but thanks to Diesel, Luckenbaugh was able to provide police with a good description and confirm some new identifying marks, namely a few fresh bite wounds on his arm.

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