Happy National Dog Day from DogTime.com

In case you thought that all “National Days” were just commercially sponsored, random, cloying, Hallmark moments, National Dog Day is the real deal, baby!

Sure, there is also a National Corn Dog Day, but that’s not until March of 2016! We need an excuse to party “doggy style”, right now.

August 26th, 2015 is National Dog Day. It was founded by the fabulous, Colleen Page, who is considered one of today’s leading pet and family lifestyle experts:

Colleen Page is also responsible for National Cat Day and National Puppy Day. So, when it comes to pets, clearly she means business.

Colleen’s mission is to save the millions of unwanted pets that populate our nation’s shelters and to honor the joy that animals can bring to our lives. Although this day does seek to shine a light on some of the negative aspects of dog breeding and irresponsible dog ownership, it is more a celebration of dogs in general, and an encouragement to anyone who might have been thinking about it, to go ahead and bring a dog into their lives.

National Dog Day.


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The official website gives us a list of 20 ways to celebrate the day. The suggestions include some grand gestures, like adopting a dog from your local shelter or rescue, but also offer us some kooky and precious ideas like, commissioning a portrait of your dog, or giving him/her a spa treatment. The website even includes a discount on dog-centered flower arrangements from 1-800-Flowers.com.

Where National Dog Day is being embraced, it is truly remarkable and fun. In Philadelphia the Hotel Monaco is offering a free bath for all canines, and right next door at The Red Owl Tavern they will offer a “dogs and suds” happy hour menu.

The website Chiff.com offers, in honor of the holiday, dog-friendly recipes, plus tips and fun facts for dog lovers who wish to vacation with their pals.

Local publications are mounting photo and video contests on August 26th:

The Facebook page for National Dog Day is hosting on of the most grandiose competitions: “The Cutest Dog In The World Contest“!


Some of us are cynical creatures, and might be tempted to mock these “National Days”. We might be suspicious that they’re just another excuse to boss us into spending money and time, or guilt us into donating to another organization. National Dog Day is boldly encouraging exactly that. Spend money and time with your dog, or better, with a new adoption that desperately needs a home and/or donate to your local shelter because they do an unbelievable service to discarded and abused animals in your area.

Most importantly, National Dog Day encourages us to remember that responsible pet ownership and breeding practices, as well as, spaying and neutering, education, donation and appreciation must be encouraged. What better way than to have our own, tail-wagging holiday!

Happy National Dog Day, America!