• (Other) games for ball hounds

    The Ball Hound Adores fetching and gnawing on chewtoys Is prone to nipping, chewing, or play biting Comes from a breed that works with his mouth, such as a retriever Activities:...
  • 1,000 Bowls of Dog Food

    Congrats and kudos to Michele C. Hollow of DogTime partner site, The dogs at Jersey Animal Coalition in South Orange, NJ, will be well fed thanks to a contest sponsored by Iams...
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    13 best animal rescue and advocacy campaigns for 2013

    Want to help shelter cats and dogs? Find out about successful animal advocacy campaigns, who's behind them, and how to make them work in your own community.
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    2010 Holiday Gift Guide: check out editors' picks for the best gifts

    Looking for the best holiday gifts for pets and their people? Dogtime editors put together a list of 2010's greatest gift ideas for dogs, cats, and persnickety pet lovers.
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    2011 Petties $10,000 award winner: Wags and Walks

    Check out photos from the winning shelter of the 2011 Petties $10,000 donation. Will your favorite rescue or shelter win in 2012? Nominations are now open — find out how.
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    2012 Petties: Vote for bloggers, nominate a volunteer

    The Petties are here! Vote for your favorite pet bloggers or nominate a volunteer for the Unsung Hero Award — the winner chooses a rescue or shelter to receive $10,000!
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    5 ways to adjust to life with a senior dog

    Five things you can do to help your dog as he gets older, including getting a sitter instead of boarding, get an orthopedic bed, put out more water bowls, and more.
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    A California city fights puppy mills

    In an effort to stop puppy mills, the city of Laguna Beach passed an ordinance that makes it illegal to sell dogs and cats at retail within the city limits.
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    A brief history of breeding

    Have you ever wondered how we ended up with over 160 different dog breeds? Learn the history of dog breeding from its earliest known beginnings in the 19th century.
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    A case for adult dogs

    The myths surrounding homeless adult dogs keep some potential adopters at bay. Learn the truth about adult shelter dogs and give these, loving, loyal dogs a second look.