IKEA Creates Dog Parking Station So Dogs Don’t Have To Sit In Hot Cars

(Photo Credit: Redditor Brotkrumen)

An IKEA store in Germany knows that pups love a good car ride, but it’s dangerous to leave your buddy in the car while you shop. So they’ve come up with a solution: a dog parking lot. Can we just call it a “barking lot?”


(Picture Credit: Flickr: Roswitha Siedelberg)

The barking spaces come complete with a post to loop your leash around, a comfy astroturf bed, and a water bowl, all stashed away in a shady area right next to the store.

This way, when you’re shopping to replace the furniture that your pup chewed to pieces, he has a nice spot to wait and say hello to some new buddies. We think this is a great way to get your pup some fresh air while you get your Swedish furniture fix. Hopefully the trend will spread to stores around the world soon.

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