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    A yearly vaccine once your puppy reaches adulthood that is administered to immunize your dog against (D)distemper, (H)hepatitis, (L) leptospirosis, (P)parainfluenza and...
  • Xiphoid Process

    The smallest of part on the sternum it is a piece of cartilage that runs below the manubrium and gladiolus.
  • Scissors Bite

    When the inner side of the upper incisors meet the outer side of the lower incisors during a bite.
  • Hare Foot

    A foot that resembles a hare's foot with the two center digits being longer than the inside and outside toes and a lack of arching in the toes resulting in the feet appearing...
  • Date of Whelping

    1. The birth date of the litter 2. a estimated date that the litter is expected to be whelped. Breeders will often give estimated date to all puppy buyers on a waiting list.
  • Dentition

    The placement, number and kind of teeth in a set. For a canine this includes the incisors, canines, premolars and molars, which number forty-two adult teeth.
  • Occiput

    Also known as the Occipital Protuberance, it is the bony section of the skull that is located at the back of the topskull. It can create an unattractive bump if it is not...
  • Whelp Date

    The estimated date that the dam will be delivering her puppies on.
  • Breeches

    Also known as the pants, culottes or trousers, it is a term used to describe the longer fringe-like hair on the upper and lower thighs of some long-coated breeds.
  • Jowls

    The fleshy part of the face near the mouth, this can include the lips, jaws and cheeks.