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"Should my cat use the toilet?" "Does my dog have fleas?" "How do I find the best vet for my pet?" These are some of the questions pet owners ask the community every day. DogTime and CatTime have a number of contributors who are experts in their various fields (veterinarians, behaviorists, trainers, nutritionists, and more) who provide answers.

5 Most Popular Expert Questions

  • "How would you define a "smart dog"?"
  • Bridget Pilloud

    Bridget Pilloud "Behaviorist" answers:

    "My dog is getting on in years. She's got arthritis and a heart murmur. I love her and I'm going to miss her, and I'm not sure if I'm holding onto her for my benefit or hers. How do I tell when it's time for my dog to be put to sleep?"
  • Kelley Filson, CTC, CPDT

    Kelley Filson, CTC, CPDT "Behaviorist" answers:

    "How much of a dog's behavior can be changed by training?"
  • Diane Rich

    Diane Rich "Behaviorist" answers:

    "My dog already knows "sit" and "stay." Is a beginner obedience class the right level for her?"
  • Phil Zeltzman

    Phil Zeltzman "Behaviorist" answers:

    "What is the treatment of pyometra?"

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