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  • Square_100_can-dogs-paint

    by Michele C. Hollow on February 27th, 2015

    Dogs can do many amazing things, but one pooch in Minnesota can paint pictures — not with his paws, but with a brush on canvas; he’s also sold some of his art pieces.

  • Square_100_health-benefits-to-owning-a-dog

    February 27th, 2015

    Adding a dog to the family has all types of benefits for humans, including increasing social interaction, boosting immune systems, reducing blood pressure, and more.

  • Square_100_how_do_dogs_read_human_emotions

    February 26th, 2015

    A new study from the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, as published in Current Biology, reveals what a dog can tell from a human’s eyes and mouth.

  • Square_100_dating_someone_who_owns_a_dog

    February 26th, 2015

    Almost two dozen things you can expect when dating a dog owner — don’t worry, some of the affection your potential significant other has for his pooch may transfer to you.

  • Square_100_dog-film-festival

    by Michele C. Hollow on February 25th, 2015

    In October, the First Annual Dog Film Festival will take place in New York, and it will feature animated, live action, and documentary short-film offerings.

  • Square_100_do_celebrities_adopt_shelter_dogs

    February 24th, 2015

    All celebrities don’t get purebred dogs from breeders: Here’s a list of 25 famous people who adopted their best friends from an animal shelter or rescue.

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