Incredible 3 Legged Senior Pit Bull Protects Owners From Armed Intruder

In Janesville, Wisconsin, Darcy Cherry was just sitting down to dinner with her boyfriend Bob Stenzel, when an armed intruder, entered her home and began shouting out demands about a safe and money. He ordered the two to the floor but was caught off guard when Levi, a 15 year old, 3 legged Pit Bull came bounding to the rescue growling and barking. The masked man took off running, though not with out firing his weapon at the protective pooch.

Thankfully the bullet missed all vital organs and lodged in his shoulder. Levi, the loyal hero was treated for minor injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

Levi lost one of his front legs, 2 years ago when the family was on a hike. He fell down a cliff and shattered the bones. Cherry said her son was walking just behind the dog and she felt his fall protected the boy.

Cherry also told Wisc News 3, that Levi survived a dognapping in 2014, in broad daylight. Thankfully, a neighbor witnessed it and wrote down the license plate number and the dog was promptly returned.

“He is amazing.” Cherry told reporters, “He bounces back so fast. I wish I could have his strength and mobility to just come back and be so loving-natured.”


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