Anderson Cooper Says Goodbye To His Dog, Molly


An old picture of my sweet dog Molly, who passed away today.

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CNN host Anderson Cooper posted a loving tribute to his dog, Molly, a Welsh Springer Spaniel who passed away on September 1st. The picture on Instagram showed Molly sleeping with her head resting lovingly on her owner’s chest. Cooper posted a second photo of Molly’s cute face looking into the camera.

Molly appeared on the show Anderson Live, though she seemed a bit shy around the audience and hid her face beneath Cooper until she settled down and licked his face. The sweet moment showed what a loving bond she had with her owner.

Any dog owner can tell you that saying goodbye to your best friend is one of the hardest things to do. We appreciate Anderson Cooper sharing Molly with us and reminding us to love our pups while we have them in our lives. Rest in peace, Molly.