Jump Roping Dogs And Other Things We Saw At Global Pet Expo 2019!

DogTime got a chance to visit the 2019 Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, and as you can see from the jump roping dog in the video above, we saw some pretty cool stuff!

The Global Pet Expo is a huge show for people from all realms of the pet industry. Rescue workers, shelters, veterinarians, authors, artists, inventors, and major pet food companies all shared a space for a few days to connect with other animal lovers.

We met plenty of great people, pet some adorable pooches, and learned a lot.

Here are a few of the best things we saw at the Global Pet Expo 2019.

Doggies And Kitties And Critters–Oh My!

As you can see from the pictures above, there were tons of cute doggos at the expo. Some of them were there to find their forever homes. Others were there as service dogs. A few even stuck around to help their moms and dads with their businesses.

Of course, dogs weren’t the only pets making appearances. There were cute cats, adorable hamsters, beautiful bunnies, and more. Even reptiles, birds, and fish showed up.

DogTime got introduced to a lot of new animals and people. Here are a few of our favorites from the event.

Who Did DogTime Meet At The Global Pet Expo?

The flipping and jump roping dogs in the videos above came from Got Pet-Ential LLC, who train dogs and help them get acting gigs. Those pups were so talented! I can’t do half of what they did.

We also spoke to Merrick, the company that makes some of our dogs’ favorite treats, like Zuke’s! We’re giving them a shout out because they’re doing some amazing work with local shelters in Chicago, and they support K9s for Warriors, a program that pairs service dogs with veterans who suffer from PTSD.

Speaking of matching veterans with service dogs, we had a chat with ARF, the Animal Rescue Foundation, which is an organization that’s working hard to connect shelter dogs with veterans who suffer from mental health issues. They aim to solve two problems in getting animals out of shelters and getting veterans the help they need. They’re raising money for a new facility to help them with this goal.

We also met some people and pups from Florida Little Dog Rescue, a non-profit supported entirely by donations. Consider giving them a look. You might find a new best friend!

DogTime spoke with an amazing artist named Sara England. She specializes in adorable pet paintings, and she’s just absolutely lovely to talk to. She’d be happy to paint a portrait of your pet that you can cherish forever.

Of course, we met a lot more special people, pets, and businesses than we can list here, and we hope to share more info about them with you soon. If you ever get a chance to go to the Global Pet Expo, we highly recommend it. Bring a furry friend!

Have you ever been to a pet expo? Did you meet anyone exciting? Let us know in the comments below!