10 Best Halloween Costumes For Large Dogs

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Halloween is awesome and one of our favorite holidays of the year! Most of us like to celebrate Halloween so much, we even get our beloved dogs in on the action. The costumes can get very creative, and while there are tons of costume ideas for small pups, it can be tough to pick the best Halloween costumes for large dogs.

If you are looking for a costume for your large dog, then you’ve come to the right place. We searched all over Instagram to find our favorite doggy Halloween costume inspiration and brought it down to these 10. And the best part is that you can make some of these yourself or find similar costumes on Amazon and in costume shops near you.

Here are the 10 Best Halloween Costumes for large dogs!

1. It


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Did you see the movie “It“? Did it scare the bejesus out of you? It sure scared me. This is such a simple outfit. Start with a red balloon then compliment that with a yellow raincoat and boom! Your dog has a rockin’ Halloween outfit! Here are some yellow slickers on Amazon.

2. Harry Potter


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Harry Potter fans! Are you a Gryffindor or Hufflepuff? Perhaps Ravenclaw or Slytherin are more your style. If you are crafty with a sewing machine you can probably make your dog a snazzy costume. If not start with a scarf on Amazon. 

*** Note: Never leave your dog unattended with scarves or complicated outfits. No outfit is worth choking over.

3. The Meg


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Did anyone else see the film “The Meg”? That CGI shark was awesome! Do you want to dress your dog up like Megaladon? It would probably be pretty easy to strap a fin to your dog’s back. Or if you want to buy a shark costume for your dog, you can find a cute shark costume on Amazon.

4. Thor


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Ragnarok rocked! Any character from the Thor series would be a fun costume!

Find Thor character costumes for dogs on Amazon!

5. Pikachu


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For Pokemon fans, here is a cute Pikachu costume. It sure makes this pup look look extra sweet. Now I feel like I gotta pet ’em all! Find a similar Pikuchu costume on Amazon. 

6. Dog Snow


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Game of Thrones fans? You could make your dog a Jon Snow Cloak starting with this faux fur collar.

7. Captain America


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If you like going to comic con, then you have one more reason why this could be the best Halloween costume ever! You will have more than one time of year to put it on your pup!

Find Captain America costumes on Amazon. 

8. The Lion


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The mighty lion. The king of the jungle. Or king of the sofa and king of our hearts. All that is involved in this costume is a mane. Your pup would probably thank you for not sticking him in something too uncomfortable.

Buy a faux lion mane costume for dogs on Amazon.

9. Superman


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As far as super heroes go, Superman is one of the all-time greats to represent. If you are crafty you can probably make your own cape. If you like to take the road to easy town, check out similar styles on Amazon. 

10. Hot Dog


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Hot Dog is a great choice for a dog costume. Dogs have the basic shape going for them. So as far as comfort goes I’m pretty sure this would be a dog’s top choice. Making outfits is always the best way to go, cause you can really customize it to your dog. If you like the easy route you can find similar dog costumes right here on Amazon.

All fun aside, let’s be realistic. Halloween is a human holiday. Dogs do not dress up in the wild. If you have a costume that appears uncomfortable or your dog has trouble walking in, please take it off immediately. Costumes should never limit mobility or vision, and a pet should never be left alone in a costume unattended. They can get tangled and choke or cut off circulation, so it’s just best to be supervising any kind of dress-up activity.

Most of us have, at one time or another, probably worn some uncomfortable outfit longer than we wanted to, torturing ourselves in the process. Let’s not do that to our pups.

The less intrusive the costume the better. Most dogs probably would not be too bothered with a little bow or cape or jacket. Stick with the less-is-more theory when it comes to Halloween costumes for dogs.

Do you have a great Halloween costume idea for a large dog? Please post pictures in the comments below if you do! We wanna see.

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