Three-Legged Dachshund Wins Wiener Dog Race And Our Hearts

(Picture Credit: YouTube – Canterbury Park)

You’ve heard of underdogs who overcome the odds to achieve victory. Ringo, the three-legged Dachshund, is certainly one of those dogs. No one expected much of the tri-pawed pooch as he lined up at Minnesota’s Canterbury Park racetrack for a just-for-fun wiener dog race. It was heat six, and Ringo proudly sported his number three vest, perhaps a nod to the number of legs he’d be using in the competition.

When the announcer yelled, “Go!” all wiener heck broke loose. The first pups off the line, were moving fast, and at first, Ringo stayed on their tails. However, even though the leading dogs, Dexter and Mr. Boss Longbody, were quick, they veered off course, distracted by the action on the sidelines. Ringo wasn’t thrown off for long and course corrected, following the pooch wearing the number eight.

Suddenly, Ringo was neck-and-neck with the only other pup still on the track. The two Doxies vied for the lead until, slowly but surely, Ringo pulled ahead. Way ahead. It was Ringo, far out in first place who won the race. The three-legged dog dashed to victory, and the announcer called it “one of the greatest stories in the history of this racetrack.” Ringo didn’t let anything hold him back, and his inspirational win makes him not only a champion of the wiener dog race, but a champion of our hearts.

Really, it just looks like Ringo and all the other pooches were having a great time running around together. Ringo shows us that even though he’s a little bit different, he’s just a normal dog that loves to run like any other pup. Hopefully his win will help show people that even dogs with different needs and abilities can do amazing things and deserve homes full of love and companionship.

Do you find Ringo’s epic win inspirational? Are you happy to see the underdog achieve victory? Let us know in the comments below!

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