30 Rescue Dogs Who Are Happy To Be Adopted [GALLERY]

There are so many dogs on this planet and many of them need homes. We have more homeless dogs than we have families who are ready and able to adopt them at this time. Thankfully there are many people who do adopt dogs.

We wanted to salute those amazing people who adopt pups so we dug around Instagram and found some of our favorite pics to share with you. Here are some great pics from Instagram of awesome rescue dogs posted by their proud parents!

Do you have a rescue dog? Please post in the comments below!

July 5th is the busiest day at animal shelters – so many dogs come in due to fireworks fear – so if you can, get out there and adopt a dog to make room for another who is coming into the shelter soon. Also, October is Adopt A Dog Month. A perfect time to bring a new family member into your home to celebrate the holidays with you. Maybe you’ll be in our next rescue gallery!

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