10 Times Dogs Made It Really, Really Weird

Our dogs don’t have to bother with all the social rules that we humans do. They poop, pee, hump, and lick whenever they want, and sometimes that can make things super weird for us. It’s not unusual for dogs to find the things we want to hide and drag them out in front of company, exposing our deep secrets without a hint of remorse. While we’d rather our dogs behave and respect personal boundaries, we can’t help but love our little, furry weirdos, and even though we may be mortified at their behavior sometimes, we can have a good laugh about it later. Here are ten times when dogs made things really, really weird.

1. Weatherman’s Pup Causes Storm Of Awkwardness

Local weather reports can be a bit dry. That’s why a lot of local news stations try to spice up their broadcasts with fun guests, silly antics, and even visits from pets. That’s what happened during this broadcast when a pup stopped by to sit in on the report. Sitting in front of a green screen isn’t that much fun, so this silly pup decided to catch up on some very personal grooming. It only took a couple of licks to the downstairs region before the canine was cut from the broadcast. I guess the forecast called for moisture.

2. Personal Space? No.

When we have dogs in our lives, we immediately forfeit the concept of a personal bubble. Dogs have no respect for boundaries, which often means we get body parts in our faces that we’d rather not. This pup is no exception and decides to sit right on his owner’s shoulder with his private parts front-and-center. Sadly, we can all probably relate.

3. Insult To Injury

It’s hard to feel bad for this showoff who, in more ways than one, gets what’s coming to him. After a botched front flip landing, Newman the Golden Retriever punishes his owner’s hubris with a well-timed hump to the face. It’s a fitting insult for the guy who wouldn’t listen to reason by just getting off the trampoline when he was told to.

4. He Don’t Mind Too Good

Jobie the dog isn’t too good at listening to his owner’s commands. Maybe he doesn’t understand his owner’s version of English. The guy seems to want Jobie to bring the ball back, but Jobie has other plans. Instead, the pup takes the ball into the water, poops right next to it, then lies down in the poop. Close enough?

5. Dog Yoga Turns Into Pee Fest

Robbie and his owner have the special “talent” of doing dog yoga, and that’s what they did when they appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. The adorable performance went off without much of a hitch, other than an awkwardly placed tail, but when one of the show hosts’ dogs walked out on stage, things started to get weird. Suddenly hosts, celebrity judges, and lots of dogs were all on stage at the same time, and dogs started doing what dogs do. One dog peed on a yoga mat. Another peed on one of the judges’ shoes. By the end, the whole stage was full of pee. Miraculously, this didn’t stop the judges from voting to put the act through to the next round.

6. Scared Of Farts

Lots of people blame farts on the dog, but sometimes dogs are scared of their own bodily functions. This Frenchie is having a nice, normal walk when suddenly his backside starts making noises. The surprised pup hilariously looks around to see whose making all those sounds, but the mystery eludes him. It’s pretty weird to be scared of your own farts, but I think a lot of our pups can relate.

7. Into The Night

The pup in this video is best friends with Cricket the pony, but catching the dog riding his friend in the dark of night is both odd and hilarious. If it weren’t caught on camera, who would believe it? As soon as the two furry friends realize they’ve been spotted, Cricket takes off into the night, and his doggy buddy hangs on for the ride. It’s an unusual friendship, but it seems like they’d prefer to be left alone without your judgment.

8. Fenton

In terms of creating weird, awkward moments, it’s hard to top Fenton creating a deer stampede that blocks traffic while his owner frantically follows screaming his head off. Fenton’s natural herding instinct is pretty impressive, but the pup has no sense of the right time or place. The result is a viral sensation that has been making people laugh for years.

9. Nature Calls

Libby is having a blast taking on an agility course during the Crufts dog show in this video, but apparently she didn’t get her walk in before it was time to perform. Part of the way through her run, nature calls, and she’s gotta go. She had a good time until then, but Libby doesn’t seem to mind the disqualification and even scratches at the faux grass when she’s done, like a proper lady.

10. Pi Finds A New Toy

What do you do with a sex toy you don’t plan to use? Maybe it sits around for a while in a drawer until you throw it out one day, or maybe you hang onto it until your dog chews through all his stuff and you have nothing left to let him chew on. Pi’s owners decided to have a laugh by throwing the durable dildo for their dog, and they were surprised when the toy stuck to the wall via a suction cup, and Pi had a blast trying to pull it loose. Pi had a great time playing tug-of-war with the wall, and now the fake phallus is his favorite toy. Hopefully he doesn’t bring it out when company is over, but Pi’s owners seem to have a good sense of humor about it.

How does your dog make it weird? Has your pup ever embarrassed you in public? Let us know your stories in the comments below!