Family Refuses To Return Army Private’s Dog After He Was Given Away By Caretaker – UPDATE


(Picture Credit: Fox 8 Cleveland)

There is an update to the story of an army private’s struggle to have her beloved dog returned to her. You may recall that Private Katelyn Gallagher left her Bloodhound, Buck, in the care of a family friend, Angelo Sullo, while she spent time in an Army Training program. Sullo then gave the dog away, refusing to tell Gallagher where the dog was.


(Picture Credit: Fox 8 Cleveland)

Sullo appeared in court to dispute the charge of petty theft of Gallagher’s dog. He claims that his family has received death threats over the incident, and his attorney claims that Sullo had the best interest of the dog at heart. Sullo was apparently facing eviction if he did not get rid of the dog.

The problem with Sullo’s story is that he never informed Gallagher that there was a problem with Buck. In fact, Gallagher claims that Sullo led her to believe that everything was going just fine and the dog was being taken care of. Now Buck is with a family in and east Cleveland suburb, and that family is refusing to return Buck to his rightful owner.

The family claims that Buck was legally surrendered, and even though Gallagher has offered to pay an adoption fee for them to get another dog, they will not give him back. It looks like Gallagher may have to file a civil lawsuit in order to get her Buck home.

What would you do if your dog was given away by a caretaker? How would you handle it if a family refused to return your dog, even after finding out the truth? Let us know in the comments below!

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