Realtor Fired After Calling Police About Abandoned Dog In Basement Of Vacant Home


(Picture Credit: ABC 7 WXYZ Detroit)

Alison Reedy, a real estate agent in Michigan, was showing a home to a potential buyer when they came across something that shocked them. The house was supposed to be completely vacant, but when they entered the basement, they found a Chihuahua trapped in a pen surrounded by its own feces. Since no one was living there, the dog was left to fend for itself in the winter cold without much heat.


(Picture Credit: ABC 7 WXYZ Detroit)


Reedy knew there was a big problem. She first called the listing agent who told her that the former owner had to move into an apartment and couldn’t bring the dog. That’s when she knew that the dog had been abandoned, so she called the police. An officer arrived on the scene and contacted animal control to take care of the pup.

No good deed goes unpunished. Reedy lost her job because she didn’t contact her employer before the police. She also shared a picture of the dog on social media, which was a violation of her employer’s ethics policy. But she isn’t too broken up about it. She’s glad that she was able to help a dog in need as quickly as possible, and she’s already got other opportunities for employment.

What would you do if you came upon an abandoned dog? Would you break the rules to help a dog in need as quickly as possible? Let us know in the comments below!

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