Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week: Meet 9 Dogs Who Found Amazing Homes [VIDEOS]

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JULY 25: Marnie the Dog attends Refinery29 And VCA 'Pet Friendly' Series Premiere Party With Director Whitney Cummings At The Jefferson at The Jefferson on July 25, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Share Marnie's story during Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week.

(Picture Credit: Presley Ann/Getty Images for Refinery29)

While many adoptable shelter dogs find forever homes every day, sometimes dogs who are a little bit different have more trouble on the journey to living happily ever after. Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week starts in the third full week in September each year, and it’s a time to shine a spotlight on those less adoptable furry friends.

Dogs who are older or have disabilities can have a harder time finding their forever homes. In honor of these pups, we’re sharing nine stories of less adoptable dogs who found loving families.

Help us share these pups’ stories during Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week, September 21st to 27th in 2020. Maybe we can inspire others to give a chance to dogs who normally get overlooked at the shelter!

1.  2-Legged Dog And 3-Legged Cat Are Best Friends

The dog in the video is Tink, a Dachshund who happened to have only two legs. She was born missing her two front legs and got around with a set of custom wheels made specifically for her.

Tink was the product of negligent breeding and born into a litter of puppies with defects. Her adopters, however, didn’t believe that two missing legs would make her any less of a loving pet and decided to adopt her anyway.

Once she was part of the family, they didn’t feel sorry for her because she became perfectly happy and started living a great life, and they were grateful to have her as part of the family.

Tink made best friends with a cat named Henry who was also missing a leg. The two became inseparable.

2. Former Fighting Dog Finds Loving Home

Hank was the product of a dog fighting operation. He had many battle scars and suffered through much abuse.

Hank was one of the 37 dogs rescued from a dog fighting ring bust. After years of abuse, Hank was adopted into a loving family.

His new mom made sure to tend to his battle scars and wounds that were still healing. Typically former fighting dogs have a difficult time getting placed in new homes because of their history, but Hank’s new mom didn’t give up on him because she wanted him to have the chance to live a normal, happy dog life.

In his forever home, Hank couldn’t be any happier.

3. Marnie The Senior Shih Tzu

Marnie the Shih Tzu lived in New York City. She was actually adopted when she was eleven years old, already a senior.

Marnie’s human adopted her because many senior dogs like Marnie rarely get adopted and are left to live out the rest of their lives in shelters.

Marnie helped promote senior pet adoption. She also happened to be one of Instagram’s most famous pooches with two million followers and was known for her adorable, drooping tongue.

Hopefully Marnie’s story will inspire you to consider adopting a senior pup. Just look at just how happy she made people!

4. Rescued Toothless Chihuahua Gets Adopted

Mervin the Chihuahua lost all of his teeth while waiting to be adopted. Even though he had no teeth, Mervin was hopeful that one day someone would adopt him and would see past his different looks.

Luckily, Mervin’s loving personality and adorable face were convincing enough, and he found a forever home. He went from a shelter dog with no teeth to an Instagram star.

Even though Mervin had no teeth, he started living a happy life, and his new humans treated him like royalty. He may look a bit different from most other dogs, but that didn’t stop him from loving life.

5. Blind Dog About To Be Put Down Gets Forever Home

A dog named Stevie Wonder, after the famous blind singer, initially looked as if he was going to be put down. He was in a Los Angeles County shelter and, because he was blind, he had a very hard time getting adopted.

Stevie Wonder was constantly overlook and branded as unadoptable. Luckily, The Fuzzy Pet Foundation stepped in to rescue him, and he was adopted thanks to their hard work.

You’d never know this dog was blind. He loved to go for hikes and walks around the neighborhood, and he easily navigated the house. He shows us that blind dogs can be just as happy and loving as any other dog, and they deserve forever homes, too!

6. Deaf Dog Finds Love With Deaf Human

Rosie the Pit Bull, the happy-go-lucky dog in the video above, also happened to be deaf. She struggled in the shelter because she didn’t respond to sounds or the calling of her name.

The shelter taught her sign language so they could communicate with her, and it helped bring Rosie out of her shell. Whoever adopted her would have to learn the signs, which made it harder for Rosie to find a permanent home.

That’s when Cindy came along. Cindy was also deaf, so she understood how Rosie felt. Because Cindy already knew sign language, adopting Rosie was no problem. It was a match made in heaven.

7. Disabled Child Gets Help From 3-Legged Dog

Owen suffered from Schwartz Jampel Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that caused his muscles to be constantly tense. His mobility was very limited because his balance was poor, so he couldn’t walk without help.

Owen’s parents adopted Haatchi, an Anatolian Shepherd who was missing a back leg and his tail. Haatchi had to have them amputated after being tied to a railway and being hit by a train.

Luckily, these two found each other and became completely inseparable best friends. Owen always felt different, but seeing Haatchi’s happy attitude, even with his amputations, inspired Owen and made him feel stronger.

8. Dog In Wheelchair Adopted By Man In Wheelchair

This heartwarming tale ends with a happy ending, so prepare your tissues. Chance was hit by a car and left on the side of the road for dead. Luckily he was helped, but he was left with his back legs paralyzed and given a wheelchair.

It seemed no one wanted Chance because of his disability, but that’s when Michael stepped in. Michael was also in a wheelchair and knew he could relate to Chance. He knew that no one would love Chance like he could because they shared the same struggles.

Together they overcame their obstacles and became best friends for life.

9. Tuna, The Dog With An Overbite

Tuna is an adorable Chiweenie who happens to have a very prominent overbite.

She was overlooked constantly because of her “ugly” appearance. It seemed no one wanted her, even though she had such a loving personality, just because of the way she looked. She was originally thrown out and left on the side of the road, abandoned and all alone.

Courtney saw Tuna at a farmer’s market and immediately knew she was the perfect dog for her. Tuna went from an “ugly” dog no one wanted to having over two million followers on Instagram. That’s definitely a success story!

Do you have any stories of adopting a less adoptable dog? Will you help us share these stories during Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week? Let us know in the comments below!