Two Dogs Take Owner’s Parked Car For A Joyride And Crash Into Wal-Mart

When a Wal-Mart employee on break saw a car rolling straight for the store, she thought it was some kind of prank. Then she saw who was driving. It was a small Terrier behind the wheel. Apparently the pup, frustrated that his owner left him in the car, decided to take the vehicle for a joyride with his dog companion in the passenger seat.

Security footage shows that the car rolled into the brick facade of the building before coming to a stop. The second dog then somehow managed to roll down the window as if he was preparing to come up with some kind of explanation for the crowd that gathered around the car.

The dogs’ owner left the car running to keep the pups cool while she went shopping. Luckily this time the dogs weren’t hurt and damage to the car and building were minimal, so she was able to drive off without even filing a report. But please leave your dog at home if you’re going somewhere where they can’t come in with you. Leaving a dog in a hot car is incredibly dangerous, but leaving a dog in a car that is running can be dangerous, too.

What would you do if you saw a dog driving a car? Do you think some stores should allow dogs to come inside with their owners? Let us know in the comments below!

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