Firefighters Cut Through Fence To Free A Stuck German Shepherd Dog’s Head

firefighters cut through the metal fence

(Picture Credit: Facebook – West Sacramento Fire Department)

Dogs can find themselves in some weird predicaments. Firefighters in West Sacramento, California responded to a report that a dog was stuck in a fence. When Engine 44 arrived, they found that a German Shepherd Dog had somehow wedged his head beneath a metal fence and couldn’t get out. 

the dog is free

(Picture Credit: Facebook – West Sacramento Fire Department)

The firefighters got to work with the poor dog’s owner there to provide comfort, though it didn’t seem to stop the pup from putting up a struggle throughout the terrifying ordeal. The rescuers used a tool to pry a bar of the fence loose allowing the scared pooch to pull his head back through the fence.

Thanks to their hard work, the dog escaped safely with no injuries. In fact, he didn’t seem fazed by the ordeal at all. He may need a bath after this adventure because of all the mud, but hopefully he won’t put up too much of a struggle and end up in another situation like this. 

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