Rescue Dogs Killed In Brush Fire Near California Freeway [VIDEO]

Original reports were that 5 dogs perished in this fire, but after a headcount it’s down to 2.


The Rescue Oasis Dog Kennel, which is along the 14 freeway in Palmdale Ca., was threatened by a brush fire that quickly approached the kennel holding 44 dogs from the nearby freeway. Volunteers showed up trying to help and pull the dogs out of kennels.

Two workers suffered burns from their hands and arms and reports of how many dogs were actually killed vary, but one thing is for sure, these dogs need homes and help now more than ever.

The kennel works as a holding station for various rescue groups in the Antelope Valley and takes in dogs schedule for euthanization.


They don’t know the cause of the fire but could have been someone throwing a cigarette out the window. Please do not throw cigarettes out the car window, especially considering our drought conditions here out west. You never know what kind of damage or death you could cause.


One of the workers suffered a dog bite during the evacuation and several dogs are still being treated for their injuries.