Breed Ban Takes Emotional Support Pit Bull Dog Away From Girl With Asperger’s

Ahmeah Simmons and Edith know what it’s like to be different. Ahmeah suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, and Edith, a Pit Bull, has a curly tail and a scar on her leg, which her breeder said made her unsuitable for sale. That’s why Ahmeah has such a strong connection with Edith. Some might call them kindred spirits.

Amanda Simmons, Ahmeah’s mother, got Edith at the recommendation of a doctor who felt that Ahmeah would benefit from an emotional support animal. The pair bonded instantly, and over the next eight months they became the best of friends. But when the family moved from Minnesota to Jacksonville, they didn’t know about Breed Specific Legislation. Local laws didn’t allow people to own Pit Bulls. And one day, animal control showed up and took Edith away.

Amanda paid a $260 fine to get the dog back, but the state took Edith away again after a neighbor complained. She tried to file for an exception because Ahmeah needed her emotional support animal, but that fell through. Then she started an online petition and filed a lawsuit to get the dog back. Finally Ahmeah and Edith were reunited, but the Simmons family had to give up everything and move back to Minnesota.

The family is relying on the kindness of people who were touched by their story to get by. They are currently living in a hotel, but they are all together again. The family is accepting donations to help recover and get back on their feet, and you can visit the Facebook page for Edith if you’d like more information. Hopefully Ahmeah and Edith will never have to be apart again. Please share this story to get the word out so we can help the Simmons family and make sure something like this never happens again!

Do you hate Breed Specific Legislation as much as we do? How far would you go if the state took your dog away? Let us know in the comments below!

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