Bald Pup’s Beautiful Photos Help Get Her A Forever Home

When Oracle showed up at the Montgomery Humane Society, things weren’t looking good for her. The Terrier mix had an eye injury and seemed to have been born deaf. But even worse, she had a bad case of mange that left her mostly bald. She needed a lot of medical care, which hurt her chances of adoption. So Diana Bunch decided to show that Oracle was just as beautiful as any other dog.

Bunch, a photographer who runs Pet Pawtography, volunteers her time to take pictures of shelter animals who need homes. When she saw Oracle, she decided to help her. Bunch took a series of adorable photos that showed Oracle’s cute side with necklaces, a tutu, and even a picture of her taking a nice bath. The pictures worked because Cheyenne Edwards, a professional dog groomer, decided to step forward and foster Oracle until she was healed and able to be adopted.

Edwards had to bring Oracle in every two weeks for treatment, but over time her skin healed and her hair grew back. Now she lives a happy life, joining Edwards at work and playing with her new adopted siblings, a Cockapoo named Delilah and a Weimaraner named Jessie. You can even see in her new photos that she looks amazing and much healthier. She went from bald shelter dog to cute, loving pup with a forever home.

What do you think of Oracle’s transformation? Would you adopt her if you saw her photos? Let us know in the comments below!