Stray Puppy Chases Down Ambulance And Catches A Forever Home & Other Heartwarming Tails

The American Medical Response team of Evansville were considering adopting a dog for their station, so maybe it was fate that brought them what they needed. A few team members were driving in an ambulance when a stray puppy bolted after them and didn’t stop until they pulled over. The team tried to find the cute pup’s owner by asking neighbors in the area, checking for a microchip, and even posting on line. But no one came forward.

In the meantime, the puppy was spending time at the station, and the team couldn’t help but fall in love with the little guy. So, when no owner could be found, one of the team members adopted him, and he became the official mascot for the station. They named him Siren, and he’s absolutely adorable.

Siren isn’t just a mascot. The team often has to deal with the stressful, even at times horrific job of being emergency responders. Now the team often stays at the station after hours as Siren greets them. When they pet the pup, they can feel their stress begin to melt away. When dealing with physically and emotionally exhausting work, having a happy puppy to play with keeps the response team from getting burned out. They saved Siren, but in many ways Siren is saving them right back.

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