Mama Dog And Puppy Living In Recycle Bin

(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

Good Samaritan, Vanessa Rosales called Hope For Paws to report a stray dog that seemed to be fearful of humans, living on an abandoned lot. She was believed to have been left behind by the former property owner. Founder, Eldad Hagar and volunteer, Lisa Chiarelli arrived to help. They were surprised by how noisy the area was from all the construction work that was going on.

A Chihuahua mix was found living in a blue recycle bin with a baby. She had 6 babies total, but workers reported that kids had come by days earlier and took 5 of the babies away. 

(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

Volunteers sat with the protective mama for a while to gain her trust. Then the mom and baby were ready to get outta there and start a new life. 

Attempts to locate the babies were made with no luck. 

The mama was named Zoe and the puppy Meadow. They are available for adoption through Shelter Hope Pet Shop

Abandoning a dog in the world is not O.K. If you cannot keep a dog, you are better to contact local rescue groups or your local animal shelter. Also, with social media, asking for help is as easy as pressing a few buttons, posting a photo and asking for help.

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