Wiener Dog Dives Off A Kayak To Chase After A Dolphin

A Dachshund jumps from the front of a kayak toward a breaching dolphin.

(Picture Credit: YouTube)

Gracie the Dachshund was minding her own business, perched on the front of her owner’s kayak, enjoying a relaxing ride when the water in front of her started to churn. Her ears perked up as she saw something move beneath the waves. Suddenly, an unfamiliar bulky shape broke the surface spraying water around.

We’ll never know went through Gracie’s Wiener dog brain next. Maybe she saw the dolphin and decided that diving through the waves looked like fun. Maybe she thought that she would become a dolphin, too. Or maybe she just wanted to tell the slick sea mammal to stay away from her owner. After all, there’s only room for one favorite pet in the kayak.

But the tiny dog decided to jump in after the dolphin in typical, elegant, Dachshund fashion, with a big belly flop. Judging from her owner’s frantic calls, this was pretty unexpected. Luckily the whole thing was captured on video. It’s a testament to the bravery of a pup who wouldn’t let a clear difference in size and swimming ability stop her from making a friend, or maybe defending her owner. Again, we’ll never know her motivation. But it’s pretty funny and surprising to watch. Don’t worry, Gracie swam back to the kayak shortly after and is perfectly safe.

Has your dog ever tried to make friends with an unusual animal? Why do you think Gracie wanted to swim with the dolphin? Let us know in the comments below!

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