Raleigh, NC Considers Therapy Instead Of Euthanasia For Dogs That Bite

Several dogs stand next to their owners in a dog training class while an instructor gives directions.

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It’s always sad to see a story about a dog biting someone. It’s not just sad for the victims; it’s sad for the dogs who get put down because their owners didn’t take the precaution of keeping them away from people or training them not to be aggressive. But the Raleigh City Council postponed a vote that would give animal control more flexibility to euthanize dogs they deem to be dangerous. Instead of that, they’re considering new rules that would call for dog owners to use rehabilitative therapy for first time bite offenders.

Some Raleigh residents have been asking for stricter measures against dog owners who let their dogs run free or bite. There have been several attacks that have citizens concerned. Different measures and rules have been proposed to regulate irresponsible owners, but Mayor Nancy McFarlane wants to get offending dogs off the streets without killing them. 

Two Corgis sit by their owners in a dog training class.

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She proposed using a screening process similar to what shelters use to determine if a dog is well-behaved enough to be adopted. She believes that screening offending dogs to determine whether they are dangerous and perhaps sending them to rehabilitation is a better solution than euthanasia. The proposal is still in its early stages, and its still being investigated.

Its a good step and shows that other ways of dealing with dogs who bite are worth looking into. There’s no point in punishing a dog for an owner’s mistakes. This way, dangerous dogs get the treatment they need, people on the street stay safe, and families don’t have to lose their beloved animal. What do you think of this proposal? Let us know in the comments below.

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