Arkansas Mass Dog Killing: 57 Dogs Found Murdered In Arkansas Forest


Horrible news this holiday as reports from Arkansas tell the story of at least 57 dogs found murdered in an Arkansas forest. The dogs were found by mill workers coming to look at timber. The dogs were poisoned and shot. The Searcy County Humane Society found four survivors on the scene, but the rest had met a horrible fate.

The area where the dogs were found is remote and nobody lives there. The sheriff believes that someone rounded them up and brought them out to the woods, poisoned them and then shot them.

No suspects have been identified and there’s no evidence to indicate if the dogs were pets or strays or who they belonged to.

Emotions are raw at the Humane Society where everyone involved in recovering the bodies and searching for survivors feels sad and desperate to find these murderers. One shelter worker said through tears, “We could have found homes for them. Why? Why? It’s just unbelievable.”

The Searcy County Humane Society needs donations to help cover medical costs of the surviving dogs and of course is desperate for any information leading to the arrest of those responsible for this horrific act. If you know ANYTHING please come forward and contact the Searcy County Sheriff’s Department at (870) 448-2340.

CLICK HERE to watch the video of the original news report.